Adrian Emberson Daisy

Adrian Emberson’s car “Daisy”

Date: 1996
Model: Rover 1275 Injection Automatic
Engine: 1275cc A+
Converted: 2004
Location: Essex, UK
Status: On Road

About 14 years back I bought a 96 Rover 1275 injection Auto Saloon that was on ebay with very low mileage and nice clean bodywork. Took it to Dave Champion at Auto Design Kent, and he converted the Car to Laundalette . Bought a set of mini-light wheels , a suspension kit to lift it up a bit so that the wheels didn’t scrape the wheel arches. Fitted Stainless wheel arch trims and other shiny parts , and turned it into a show stopper. As the photos will testify . Bought an N registration of DVLA and called it Daisy.