Other Known Cars

There may be other known cars out there, if you own one, or had one, please make contact with me so that we can determine how many of these rare cars are left in existence.  Thank you.

C450SLU – Metallic blue “St.Tropez” last log book change 1992, in 2020, DVLA shows as untaxed no MOT, probably off the road and in need of restoration or perhaps out of the country…???

No idea where this picture was taken, but, this was scanned from wet film circa 1995.  Who owns this red Flame now?

Also, these two were seen in Ireland at the Internation Mini Meeting in 2017.

I’ve no idea where this white one was taken…???

And lastly, anyone know anything about this “shorty”…???

Waiting for the owner of this one to join us…