Paul Smith’s SMB966R

Paul Smith’s car

Date: 1976
Model: British Layland 1275GT
Engine: 1330
Converted: 1994
Location: Southport, UK
Status: Off Road

This is an interesting one.  This is owned by Paul Smith, the brother of Mark (see Lippy).  Originally, this was a 1275GT converted by Minories in Widnes (near Liverpool), and had a completely different red hood.

However, the hood and some trimming was stolen in 1994.  As Minories were no longer in existence in order to replace the parts, parts were purchased from Auto Design in Kent with a red hood and red trimmings.  As the structure of the Minories design was a copy of the Auto Design structure, no welding or cutting was required.  Mark completed all the trimming for his brother to create this stunning cabriolet during the summer of 1994.  The rear radius arm brackets were altered to accommodate these large diameter 13″ wheels with 60 series tyres.

With a 1380cc race engine, this car really could move, however, in 1996, the engine started knocking, and a complete rebuild was needed, including needing a new block, this time, only over bored to 1330cc.  Still a very “cammy” engine, but with the new wheels and brakes a lovely looking car.  Engine work carried out by Lane Ends Engineering Ltd in Prescot Merseyside.